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(groans) okay, it's just bouncing me all over cyberspace. what about the .308 casing? what did ibis find? variation on a theme: nothing. excuse me. my name is craig potter. it's important i see one of your csis. and i think that this is something... mr. potter? can i help you? i got it. i found this in our mailbox. it's my address, but look who it's made out to. made out to the csis. what was my wife into? i mean, does this have something to do with her? what-what is going on? you know, we just don't know yet. i'm gonna go have this run, but your fingerprints are gonna be all over it. i didn't kill my wife. i was in court all morning-- call judge hillridge.
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hey, natalia, you know how all the envelopes delivered this morning were not postmarked? no, they were all hand-delivered. this was, too. no, no, this one wasn't. this one was actually stamped by the post office. i don't think the post office put that there; this is one of those augmented reality tags. what is an augmented reality tag? this marking... mm-hmm? acts as a bar code. you hold it up to your web camera, and certain web sites recognize it and put all kinds of fancy 3-d graphics on the computer screen. magazines use it as p.r. gimmicks. so could this be another message for us? wolfe: well, let's find out. the message is: we got to stop another murder. but this pool could be anywhere.
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♪ boa vista: okay, try clicking on it. wolfe: no. it's nothing. yeah, but it moved. it moved. did you see that? it shifted. so maybe you can shift the perspective. see if you can spin it. (tapping keys) ryan, that's dade university bell tower. that's the south side of the campus, where the faculty pool is. (sirens wailing)
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(tires screeching) what are you doing here? i got the call out. ♪ that way! that way! (radio static crackles) this is wolfe! i need an ambulance to dade university faculty pool! (wolfe shouts) you got him? yeah, go, go! (groans) cpr! get started! come on! breathe. come on, breathe! (panting): no. he's gone. (exhausted groan) (sighs)
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[ courier ] i'm a legal courier. if i have to look at multiple cases, with blackberry torch i can have multiple tabs going, scroll over to it - there it is. i call it a "future phone." [ laughs ] [ photographer ] i wanted to be able to show beautiful images on my phone. so it's kind of like bringing the two worlds together -- the world of the creative arts and the world of business. [ architect ] i love that i can type on a screen, or slide open to type on the pad. it's just super-rad. [ dj ] i'm not always gonna have, you know, two turn tables and a mixer. i love the music player on the torch. to create a playlist on your phone is amazing. i bbm one of the doctors here quite a bit. she's a big cutie. "hey, can you look at these x-rays? what do you think about this case?" [ courier ] and it really makes me feel like this is my city, you know? it's awesome. [ laughs ] ♪ ♪
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'm here at the scene awaiting the arrival of horatio caine. well, there are rumors that police knew and were warned. we have reports that there's a serial killer loose in miami... we want to find out as soon as he gets here. lieutenant! he's here now. lieutenant! lieutenant caine! is there a serial killer on the loose in miami? is it true that police were warned about both of today's murders before they happened? hasn't been determined yet.
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please do your job responsibly, so i can do mine. lieutenant caine, is there a serial killer on the loose in miami? have a great day. lieutenant! lieutenant! h, we got here too late. it was planned that way, eric. how did the press get it? i don't know, not from us. maybe the killer; he wanted some attention. caine: okay, dr. loman. c.o.d. was drowning. but he also has bruises and contusions to his scalp. what about the fingernails? torn and bloody. caine: so maybe, gentlemen, he was in a fight, and they held him underwater. i have something. looks like some sort of... blue fabric. delko: yep. i think i know what he was fighting. (mechanical whirring) (whirring continues)
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(whirring continues) (muffled grunting) (gurgling) (muffled grunting) our victim is a professor in the psych department, gentlemen. (camera shutter clicks) didn't our soccer mom volunteer in a psych department? yeah. yeah, but where's the message for us on this one? why don't we open this? (mechanical whirring)
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there's our message. fleur-de-lis on fire. the paint is sticky, h. let's find out why our guy in the pool was targeted. i said after virginia tech we should be allowed to carry guns. let's not overreact; the police are handling this. lieutenant, i didn't want to scare the others, but, uh... i think melissa walls killed janice potter and dr. brusatti. caine: dr. madsen, why do you think she did it? about a week ago, janice came to my office and accused melissa of scientific misconduct. misconduct? she caught melissa doctoring the results of her study. (electrical zapping) (grunting) (subject panting and grunting) (panting) increase the voltage. i want to stop.
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the experiment requires you to continue. you know you want to do this. come on, let's go. (electrical zapping) (grunting) it's hurting him. and you're hurting my thesis. ugh, i can't do this anymore. (electrical zapping) (grunting) (grunting continues) see, i reviewed melissa's findings. she did doctor her studies. she manipulated the data to fit her theory. so we had no choice but to kick her out of the program. melissa: i have her to thank for my success. i'm moving on to a better institution because of it. you cheated, melissa. no, you fired me. what sort of message would we be sending the other students if there were no consequences to your actions?
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melissa: i can't believe this. you're just gonna ruin my career? we'll speak on your behalf. none of this will have to come to light. other institutions will have you. am i just gonna pluck another thesis out of thin air? new question, new data? for six years, i did all the work that you didn't want to do. i slaved for you. for what? so that you three could take away everything i've ever worked for? no. no, i don't think so. (grunts) (sighs) where is she now? she packed up her office this morning. thank you. (phone ringing) hello? melissa walls, lieutenant caine. i told you people i don't know anything about janice potter's murder. melissa, i need your help with the dr. brusatti case. (chuckles) you think i'm a suspect. i'm not stupid. hello, phd here. yes, well, from what i understand, you didn't achieve distinction, and that you cheated.
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what, like no one ever cheats in academia? one-third of researchers admit to cooking data. all the greats did it. ptolemy, isaac newton, washington carver. did you or did you not kill janice potter and dr. brusatti? is that your theory? it is my theory. you have no hard evidence. maybe i should accuse you of cheating. okay, why don't you come in and do it in person? no. you're so certain, come and find me. i will. duquesne: until we find melissa, we think it's best if both of you remain under our protection. of course. thank you. i'm just an adjunct professor. i'm not tenured like stephen and neal. i didn't have any power to sway the committee, and melissa knows that. both of you were on her phd committee, so what we're afraid of is that one of you could be next. professor: i was melissa's advisor. i didn't want to see her getting kicked out of the program. that was their idea. it was a unanimous decision, bob. boa vista: well, does this symbol-- does this mean anything to either of you?
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fleur-de-lis. beyond that, no. melissa walls is not a threat. i don't need a bodyguard. take their protection, bob. i'll look out for myself. (elevator bell dings) officer: i checked the whole apartment. it's clear. (elevator bell dings) (chuckles) i knew they were putting uniforms outside,
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but i didn't know you were going to be inside the house. yeah. it's just as easy for somebody to get to you inside. that's why i'm here. true. you know, those aren't from, uh, just one woman. (scoffs) okay. no. what i meant was that they're not from a date. they're from a, uh... departmental party that i hosted thursday night. got it. got it. got it. i'm just gonna keep looking around, if you don't mind. for evidence. uh... not at all. um... i'd like to take a shower. is that okay? permission granted. thank you, officer. no. call me natalia. natalia. thanks.
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♪ ♪
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♪ (phone ringing) ♪ simmons: natalia, i-i found a fleur-de-lis. yeah, it's a logo for some cologne called ahtash. a-h-t-a-s-h. yeah. hello?
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't third-degree burns
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on his hands, face and neck. natalia, you saved his life. the fleur-de-lis painted on the pool cover-- it's the same as the one painted on this bottle of cologne. so obviously, somebody got in here and tampered with that before we got here. yeah. i'm gonna take it back to the lab, do a fla f test, see what incendiary agent was used. let's do it here, okay? all right. purple means potassium. which combusts when it makes contact with water. so madsen got out of the shower, and he was still wet. sprayed on when he got out of the shower. (gasping) (screams) someone managed to get their hands on this when he wasn't looking. well, he did say that they threw a party for the department here last night. caine: natalia, didn't you say that on the guest list was melissa walls, our primary suspect?
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♪ well, the fleur-de-lis was the last message, so are we missing the next message? delko: maybe not. "mass pandemics, such as "the bubonic plague, reify "the value of human life "and in turn, the societal ramifications for crimes against humanity, as well." can i see it? (sighs)
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(scoffs) the quote is from an article by bob starling. i'm next, aren't i? tell me. we don't know that. don't protect me from the truth. i deserve to know. do you recognize this? yeah, of course i do. it's an article from a journal i published last year: "why civic discord is logical when facing mass pandemic." maybe you've read it. i couldn't put it down. (laughs) why is this relevant? well, a quote from this article was left for us at professor madsen's home. left for you? like a clue? what is this, sherlock holmes? who does such things? right now, all the victims are tied to your grad student, melissa walls. (scoffs) here we go again. cardoza: look, these are your words left at the crime scene. we believe melissa is behind this. when's the last time you saw her? i see her all the time. she was in my office just yesterday. (phone ringing) melissa, i don't have that kind of sway. i don't have tenure yet. but everybody listens to you.
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you're my advisor, my mentor. can't you fight for me? look, you have to understand. falsifying your data was a serious breech. oh, come on. everybody does it. yeah, well, not everybody gets caught! cardoza: you know if she touched anything when she was in there? i left her alone for a few minutes when i talked to the department secretary. all right, we're gonna have to process everything that's in your office. tripp: and you and i are gonna spend some quality time together, till we get this thing figured out. i don't need protection. i have a lecture this afternoon. it'll be a... i'll be in a room full of students. i guess i'll be auditing that class. we've been looking for you, ms. walls. you weren't looking hard enough. i wasn't hiding. prime suspect in a double murder and an attempt at a third. you still think i'm you're killer. you had motive and opportunity. delko: innocent people are usually cooperative. they'll do anything to get to the truth and clear their name. you said, "usually," implying there's a percentage
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of innocent people who aren't cooperative, am i right? we need your last 24 hours. (sighs) my day planner. have at it. we'll take it, and we want you for the murders of janice potter and neal brusatti. you have 48 hours to file charges. if you can't, i'm free. we'll take our chances. even if i am guilty, taking me into custody won't prevent any murders that are already set in motion. we grabbed melissa walls' day planner. hey, so when you guys found the fleur-de-lis, the spray paint-- it was tacky, right? yeah, tacky and non-transferable. right. okay.
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well, i brought out the same acrylic aerosol paint, the same polyethylene sheeting, to recreate the exact same conditions. see how long it takes for the paint to become tacky. exactly. taking into account the difference in sun position, we should be able to approximate when our killer painted the fleur-de-lis. all right, hit it. hit it. tacky with no transfer. 46 minutes, and we found the symbol at 2:15. okay. 46.
11:29 pm
which means our killer painted the fleur-de-lis at approximately 1:30. yeah, well... (laughs) according to this, melissa walls has a lot of explaining to do. that's good work, man. yeah, you put a lot into this day planner. appointments, names, numbers. every random thought or idea. i don't like to forget things. apparently, you forgot where you were between 1:00 and 2:00 today. i had a pilates class at this time. we're gonna need confirmation on that. i have it. the names of nine people from class. they'll be more than happy to set you straight. i also have an affidavit from the instructor which states that i attended class from beginning to end, in case you doubt me. why didn't we get this before? you believed i was guilty. i simply allowed that belief to continue.
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delko: you wanted us to believe that you were guilty? no. i was completely neutral. you had a single theory. all your perceptions in this case were shaped to support that theory. why would you allow this to happen? it's part of my new thesis. first impressions, false perceptions. because of it, i just got accepted to eastern florida university. the mind of an investigator needs an answer, so it seizes on a suspect, then alters perceptions so that all evidence fits that single idea. caine: on the guest list was melissa walls, our primary suspect. it's called belief perseverance. we followed actual evidence. you followed me, to the detriment of all other viable suspects. like the d.c. sniper case. someone calls in, reports seeing a white van, and cops spend all of their time looking for it while more people die. delko: you know, your little experiment puts other peoples' lives in danger? you're doing that. i'm just an impartial observer. caine: not if somebody else dies.
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